Monday, April 23, 2007


I have a fascination with retro color combinations and patterns. I bought some turquoise and brown acrylic to make an afghan square for a project and loved the combination. I decided to dye my last available skein in a similar pattern but with pink instead of blue.

I used the handpainting method I had used on my first skein - pink, light brown and dark brown. I loved the pink and dark brown but the light brown looked muddy even on the cling wrap. I wrapped it up, nuked it and let it steam. All seemed well as I hung it to dry outside.

I'm not sure if the colors didn't stick or if the sun bleached the yarn, but all the colors faded to some degree and the whole thing looks like a muddled mess.

Today I'll redye the whole skein but use the stovetop method that worked well last time. I think I'll go for more bold colors - hot pink, lime green (over the muddy light brown) and then reinsert the dark brown.

Hopefully this will work better!

I'll take pics of the finished project...

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